Monday, April 14, 2008

Word renaming

Several words have been renamed and moved around to make Factor more consistent:
  • new -> new-sequence
  • construct-empty -> new
  • construct-boa -> boa
  • diff -> assoc-diff
  • union -> assoc-union
  • intersect -> assoc-intersect
  • seq-diff -> diff
  • seq-intersect -> intersect
To make things symmetrical, a new word union operates on sequences.

Somehow, seq-diff and seq-intersect were implemented as O(n^2) algorithms. Now, they use hashtables and are O(n).

Lastly, a new vocabulary named ``sets'' contains the set theoretic words, along with a new word unique that converts a sequence to a hash table whose keys and values are the same. An efficient union and intersect are implemented in terms of this word.

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