Thursday, March 06, 2008

Google Summer of Code 2008 Project Ideas

The Factor project is applying for Summer of Code. Here are our project ideas.


  • Write a structure editor
  • Write a text editor
  • Write an IRC client
  • Write a package manager for Factor
  • Write a file manager

Enterprise Factor

  • Update the bindings to MySQL, Oracle, ODBC for the latest DB framework in extra/db
  • Add bindings for DB2, Informix, SQL Server, Sybase, etc
  • Write a MySQL binding in Factor instead of calling the C library to permit nonblocking I/O operation and avoid GPL licensing issues
  • Write high-level wrapper for OpenSSL binding which implements encrypted Factor streams
  • Write a SOAP stack
  • Improve the continuation-based web framework with ideas from Seaside

Embedded Languages

  • Improve the Prolog implementation in extra/prolog
  • Revive extra/lisp
  • Write an assembler to a microcontroller and cross-compile applications from within Factor
  • Write an infix math DSL
  • Write a 'language X' to Factor compiler, where X is C, Ruby, Python, Javascript, Elisp, etc

Miscellaneous Libraries

  • Write a binding and high level interface to zlib or implement gzip compression in Factor
  • Finish the tar library
  • Finish the packet sniffer libraries
  • Implement the math algorithm of your choice for extra/math
  • Implement the data structures described in Purely Functional Data Structures
  • Write a COM interface
  • Improve the JNI library
  • Write a JNI-like bridge for Android
  • Write a wrapper for Windows Mobile libraries to make calls and send SMSs
  • Integrate the zoneinfo timezone database with Factor's calendar library
  • Add more calendars to the library, such as Persian, Hebrew, Islamic, Chinese, Hindu, Buddhist

Factor VM

  • Write a GC profiler
  • Make GC memory areas shrink after garbage collection
  • Implement dtrace probes
  • Make continuations serializable

User Interface

  • Write a binding to an image manipulation library
  • Finish bitmap library
  • Improve the look of Factor's UI gadgets
  • Add drag and drop support
  • Add any of the following gadgets: tabs, syntax highlighting text editor using the xmode library, combo boxes, tables, trees, spinners
  • Implement native font rendering on Windows

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jbarciela said...

please make fEdit my next favorite editor :)